Data Integrity

by | Apr 14, 2023 | Cybersecurity, Data, Product Development

Every company knows the importance of maintaining accurate and complete data of a high quality over periods of time and across all different formats. Having a good data integrity plan is essential and can save an organization time, effort, and money all while providing the security that the organization is not operating and making decisions with incorrect or incomplete data.

            Major threats to data integrity are inaccurate or not enough information being collected which creates an inaccurate or incomplete picture of the situation, process, or product, human error from mistakes being made or data being changed accidentally, inconsistencies across different data formats, and any potential privacy breaches that could occur from outside or from within an organization. Therefore, having fool-proof ways of collecting, storing, transferring data across different platforms is essential.

            Having great ways of improving the process of collecting and maintaining data is one of the many ways companies can stay ahead. Constantly looking for ways to improve the collection method, what data is being collected, and ensuring that the data collected accurately reflects the situation. Error checking and having a review process that catches all mistakes made during collection. While error checking and reviewing is one way to minimize human error, having adequate training programs emphasizing the importance of data integrity is another. Being aware of outside threats to your data integrity and being able to have adequate protection programs in place is essential to ensuring the data collected is not tampered with or stolen.

If you need support in developing a data collection program and maintaining data integrity, the experts at EMMA International can help! Call us at 248-987-4497 or email us at to learn more.

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Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright is a Quality Engineer at EMMA International with expertise in regulatory compliance, process validation, and quality management systems. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master's degrees in Biological/Biosystems Engineering from Michigan State University, where he developed a deep understanding of living organisms and engineering systems. Jacob's strong commitment to quality, attention to detail, and risk mitigation skills make him an effective advocate for regulatory compliance and product safety.

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