EMMA OnDemand

EMMA OnDemand is the best way to keep the expertise of EMMA International at your fingertips! Unsure about what you need to do to get your projects pushed forward or keep them on track? Don’t worry! With EMMA OnDemand, you can pay a monthly fee and keep EMMA International on speed-dial for any questions or help you might need along the way. Get instant access to the EMMA team 24-hours a day, whenever you need us.


To learn more about EMMA OnDemand, or to see if you qualify, call us at 248-987-4497 or email us at info@emmainternational.com.

What is included with my membership?

  • As an EMMA OnDemand subscriber you will receive instant access to EMMA’s technical team via email and/or phone whenever you need us, with a 24-hour response guarantee.
  • Up to a 10% discount on future quoted EMMA services up to $5,000.
  • Instant quote access – as a subscriber, you qualify for same day quotes (or no later than 24 hours) on other EMMA services.

Who qualifies for EMMA OnDemand?

EMMA OnDemand is for anyone who wants to keep the experience and knowledge of the EMMA team at their fingertips; when you just need a quick question answered or want advice from an expert. Contact us today to see if EMMA OnDemand fits your needs!

What type of support can I get with EMMA OnDemand?

As an EMMA OnDemand subscriber it means you have instant access to EMMA’s expansive knowledge and experience. Whether you have questions on new product development, clinical trials, regulatory submissions, post-market activities, or even just day-to-day QMS activities, EMMA OnDemand subscriptions encompass it all (even for international markets!)

What is the difference between EMMA OnDemand and your other consulting services?

EMMA OnDemand is perfect for firms who do not need long-term or consistent project needs. If you just want the experience and knowledge of EMMA International in your corner when you need it, EMMA OnDemand is perfect for you.

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