Growth and Integration of ML/AI in Biotech

by | Jun 8, 2021 | AI, Digital Health, MedTech, ML, Quality

The biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries are heavily reliant on collecting, storing, and analyzing data for both R&D as well as production purposes. The large, countless, and rapidly growing sets of data are critical for researchers and scientists to accelerate progress in the medical industry. As our technologies advance and our capacity to store data continue to increase, we must continue to find new ways to efficiently analyze data. Researchers at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) have determined that nucleotide and proteomics data is growing at an exponential rate, with the amount of data stored on their servers doubling each year 1. Although larger data sets may indicate an abundance of opportunities for researchers, the challenge is in effectively analyzing and processing the data. This is where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) can be utilized to take on the challenge. AI is a concept in which we create intelligent machines and systems, and ML is an application of AI in which machines and systems can learn and analyze data without being ‘told to do so’ 2.

As software and applications utilizing AI/ML are continuously being implemented into different medical devices and systems, the need to regulate these software’s is a pressing issue. The FDA is changing its stance on how it reviews and regulates biomedical devices employed with AI/ML software. We can expect a shift in the FDA’s stance on AI/ML software-based devices as the software will be the critical functioning aspect of a device – rather than its physical mechanics or chemistry. 3 The growing need for regulatory affairs and intervention in these devices requires a high level of quality assurance to ensure that any issued software for systems and devices is compliant with the FDA and cGMPs.

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Kareem Arafat

Kareem Arafat

Quality Engineer- Mr. Arafat has experience in combination products, pharmaceuticals, and FDA compliance for many life science industries. He has experience with many different elements of quality and regulatory compliance. Mr. Arafat holds a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Engineering from Michigan State University.

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