Have you lost a current or potential customer because you didn’t have the right ISO compatible Quality Management System (QMS)? Has a current customer informed you that without having the right ISO certifications, you will be removed as an approved supplier? You may need ISO consulting.

Having ISO Certifications right for what your customers require is crucial to doing business as an approved supplier in today’s world. EMMA International’s ISO consulting can help your organization obtain the certifications you need to meet all ISO standards, therefore satisfying the compliance needs of your market.

We’ve assisted companies of all sizes until certification is obtained. Due to our long history in ISO consulting, we know it’s important to work not only with your organization, but also current or potential customers as the trusted liaison.

Trust us to provide the necessary trainings, arrange cultural awareness workshops, and assist your organization in its journey towards certification. We design, build and implement integrated QMSs that are customizable to meet your compliance and business needs. Above all, our consulting team can implement the desired QMS and attain certifications through 3rd party registrars.

We have the in-house expertise in:

•    ISO 9001
•    ISO 17025
•    OHSAS 18001
•    ISO 13485
•    ISO 14971
•    ISO 14001
•    IATF 16949
•    ISO 15189
•    ISO 22000
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