Human Resources

The Human Resources module can be configured and tailored to the needs of the organization.






Employee and Job-Related Capabilities:

  • Provides a repository for all employees in the organization. Allows a user-friendly platform to enter, remove or replace employees. Keeps track of removed employees.
  • Job Functions and Function Qualifications are captured in the module. The module allows users to setup Job Profiles by assigning appropriate function qualifications to each job function.
  • Organizational Work Groups can be defined by assigning employees to each work group.
  • User can define organizational Departments.

Training related Capabilities:

  • Allows development of Training Requests and Training Plans.
  • Provides the platform to submit Training Requests to selected participants within the organization.
  • Training Plans are developed to include the start and end times, training topic, goals of training, training type, trainer type and organization and cost of training.
  • Provides the ability to confirm training completion and trainee attendance.
  • Gives power to participants to immediately evaluate the quality of training.
  • For each participant effectiveness of training is captured in the module and linked to participant’s competency evaluation. Competency can be evaluated and updated based on training.

Capture Staff Satisfaction

  • Allows development of staff satisfaction surveys and questionnaires.