Nonconforming Products



  • The NCP module can be configured and tailored to the needs of the organization.
  • Provides a repository to collect all products with product properties such as 1) Product Code, 2) Product Name, 3) Products Range and 4) Selling Price. The product database can be updated by adding new product properties.
  • The module allows the users to configure the NCP module by defining Product, Severity, Nonconformity Type, Nonconformity Source, Treatment Type, Nonconformity Decision Maker.




  • Ability to capture detailed information to regarding an NCP such as 1) person responsible for detection of Nonconformity, 2) detection date, 3) Nonconformity description, 4) delivery date, 5) priority, 6) batch no, 7) product name, 8) supplier name, 9) quantity and 10) severity.
  • Ability to identify and capture the decision to fix the Nonconformity. The decision can be investigation, Report and Approval.
  • Provides the tools to validate the treatment decision.
  • Capability to capture the treatment for Nonconformity.
  • The Nonconformity treatments are linked to the CAPA module to automatically capture and classify the treatment actions as CAPA Action Items. Nonconformity related Action Items are managed within the CAPA module workflow.