Enterprise Quality Management Software


Supplier Management




  • The Suppliers module of QualiPro, our quality management software, can be configured and tailored to the needs of the organization.
  • Provides a repository to collect all Suppliers with properties such as 1) Supplier Code, 2) Supplier Name, 3) Supplier Category, Activity Ares, and Supplier Contact Information.
  • The module provides the tools to Evaluate Suppliers and rank suppliers and capture evaluation results.
  • All past Supplier Complaints are captured and listed.
  • All past Supplier Evaluations are captured and listed.
  • The defined Suppliers can be linked to a Nonconformity or a Meeting planned within QP.






Supplier Evaluations:

  • Ability to define and enter Evaluation Criteria for type of service provided by the Suppliers.
  • Evaluate Suppliers based on defined Evaluation Criteria.
  • Evaluations can be linked to Nonconformities in the NCP module and Supplier Complaints in the Suppliers Module.


Supplier Complaints:

  • Ability to define and Severity types for Suppliers Complaints.
  • Ability to capture detailed information regarding a Supplier Complaint such as 1) Internal Reference Number, 2) Complaint date, 3) Supplier, 4) Severity of complaint, and 5) Complaint description
  • Ability to generate a Nonconformity instance in the NCP module or link the complaint to an existing Nonconformity instance.
  • A Supplier Complaint can be linked to an CAPA Action Item. The Action Item is managed within the CAPA module workflow.
  • A Supplier Complaint can be linked to Customer Complaint