Summer 2021: Back to Normal?

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Coronavirus, COVID-19, Vaccine

The past year and a half have been filled with ups and downs with COVID-19. As hospitalizations and deaths continue to decline and immunizations continue to rise, we are striving towards a normal that we have not seen since COVID-19. We all have hope that summer 2021 will be “normal”, but what does normal look like now and what should we expect?

As more individuals continue to get fully vaccinated, there will fewer restrictions and relaxed CDC guidelines for outdoor activities. Gatherings outside will also more likely be the norm. Celebrations outside are a great way for individuals to gather in larger groups without masks. For the first time since COVID-19, people can have picnics and barbeques with friends and family. Larger outdoor gatherings, like sports events, might still be on pause or under scrutiny in the upcoming months. It is still risky with larger groups if not everyone has received a vaccine.

Other warm-weather activities, like visiting beaches or nature preserves, will be a relatively safe way to enjoy the summer heat as well. Whether you like enjoying the water or nature, spreading out and enjoying the fresh air is an advantage that the majority of people will be utilizing this season. Waterparks and amusement parks are still a topic of discussion. With masks and additional safety precautions, it still is not advisable as there is an increased risk of transmission.

Restaurants will also lean on outdoor seating as opposed to indoor. A summer staple will be outdoor dining, which will emphasize space and physical barriers for people to enjoy eating and drinking. Outdoor dining is a great way for everyone to go out and support your favorite, local restaurants while being COVID-19 safe.

Individuals that are fully vaccinated will experience a summer that is relatively normal with visits to the beach, outdoor restaurants, barbeques, and family. We still have to take precautions, but we are almost at the finish line!

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Abby McVay

Abby McVay

Research Analyst- Ms. McVay is EMMA International’s Research Analyst. She has experience in technical writing and clinical trials in many life science industries. She has experience with many different elements of quality and regulatory compliance. Ms. McVay holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Manchester University as well as a Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Angelo State University.

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