The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Safety, Validation, Verification

Maintenance of equipment is always essential to any manufacturing process. Breakdowns can wreak havoc on any process and can cause all kinds of issues for the manufacturer. Therefore, being able to perform regular maintenance on equipment that is prone to breaking down, has areas/processes that are at high risk of malfunctioning, or is extremely essential to the process before it breaks down allows for time and cost savings as well as maintaining product quality. This is known as Preventive Maintenance (PM). 

            Having proper PMs allows for maintenance on equipment to be scheduled at the convenience of the manufacturer so that whenever product is scheduled to be produced, equipment will function as intended and products can be produced efficiently and up to the quality standards needed for batch release. Along with this, proper care of equipment can increase the equipment’s working life and efficiency and lower the risk of unplanned breakdowns resulting in significant costs for manufacturers. This results in validated systems producing the highest product quality possible.

            To have a good PM strategy, it is first essential to understand what, when, and why equipment failures are happening. Knowing this allows for proper areas of work to be identified and what can be done in order to prevent a breakdown. Having proper PMs are essential to ensure that equipment is functioning properly so that the integrity of the process and product quality are maintained.

If you need support in developing a quality preventative maintenance system to increase efficiency and maintain product quality, the experts at EMMA International can help! Call us at 248-987-4497 or email us at to learn more.

Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright

Jacob Wright is a Quality Engineer at EMMA International with expertise in regulatory compliance, process validation, and quality management systems. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master's degrees in Biological/Biosystems Engineering from Michigan State University, where he developed a deep understanding of living organisms and engineering systems. Jacob's strong commitment to quality, attention to detail, and risk mitigation skills make him an effective advocate for regulatory compliance and product safety.

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