ASTRO 2023 Wrap Up

by | Oct 9, 2023 | CDRH, FDA, Medical Devices, Radiation

The EMMA International team had such a great time at ASTRO’s 2023 Annual Meeting in San Diego last week! It was great to see old friends and meet some new ones as well! As always, this year’s Annual Meeting was a wealth of knowledge, and a great opportunity to collaborate with companies pushing the needle forward to advance radiation oncology for patients everywhere.

This year’s theme was “Partnering with Our Patients”, which was exemplified throughout the meeting. From the various industry presentations from teams like Philips, RaySearch, and IBA, to the panels that focused on how to advance technology and thereby improve healthcare, the idea of improving how the industry targets cancer, and improves the lives of patients, was everywhere.

The buzzing topic at this year’s meeting was Radiopharmaceuticals and Theranostics. Theranostics, which combines the words “therapy” and “diagnostics”, was a critical piece of the conversation about the advancements in healthcare for radiation oncology. While “traditional” treatments like Proton Therapy and radiotherapy are seeing their own advancements, none are quite as aggressive and buzzed about as radiopharmaceuticals.

Additionally, another topic that seemed to come up was how to market products on a global scale. With international regulators continuing to work to harmonize medical devices and pharmaceutical regulations, one regulation that hasn’t quite caught up is radiation equipment. There seems to still be a pain point in the industry when it comes to how to handle different regulatory requirements surrounding radiation emitting equipment globally. This, of course, can translate to issues with globalizing products and getting them into the hands of patients on an international scale.

Overall, this year’s ASTRO Annual Meeting was another great opportunity to learn from industry leaders in radiation oncology and discuss what the industry may look like in the years to come. We are very excited to catch up with everyone again at RSNA in Chicago in November, and at next year’s ASTRO Annual Meeting in DC!

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