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In today’s world of social media, we blast our wins and hide behind our dirty laundry.  No one is going to post on their LinkedIn feed, ‘have a huge backlog of CAPA’s, our QMS is non-compliant, and we are scared if the FDA walks through our front door’.

But what happens when you can no longer hide your dirty laundry? You need help fast and your first call needs to be to EMMA International because yes, a human will answer and you will not get caught in a, “press 1, press 2 nightmare”.

But all jokes aside, EMMA International can help you solve your quality and compliance needs with unparallel speed. We do this by utilizing a hybrid model of internal personnel and consultant partnerships that can provide emergency resourcing within hours. That means we can start helping you the same day you call us. Many of our peers need days to start recruiting contractors that they 1) have never worked with before and 2) will start bill for contractors prior to having a strategic plan to solve your problem.  This is a recipe for disaster and can leave you feeling that you added more chaos and cost to your problems and no closer to a solution. 

Whether you need a smaller limited assignment or a long-term complex project, EMMA International’s experienced regulatoryquality, and compliance experts are here to help. Our expertise extends from United States and international regulatory requirements to MDSAP, ISO, and GCP standards. Give us a call at 248-987-4497 or email info@emmainternational.com to get connected with us today!

Kira Jabri

Kira Jabri

Kira Jabri, MPH, MSW, PMP is the COO of EMMA International Consulting Group, Inc. She is responsible for designing and implementing EMMA International’s business operations, marketing, and strategy. Mrs. Jabri has over twenty years of experience as a healthcare professional and is an industry expert in company culture and diversity, organizational behavior management, organizational leadership, business strategy development, and contemporary challenges in business. Mrs. Jabri holds a Master of Public Health from Walden University, a Master of Social Work from Columbia University and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Social Work and Psychology from Cedar Crest College.

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