EU MDR: Extending the Transition Period for Medical Devices

by | Feb 7, 2023 | EU MDR, FDA, Medical Devices, Regulatory

The European Commission has implemented a proposal to extend the transitional period to certify medical devices under the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR). The proposal allows more time for manufacturers to transition from the previously applicable rules to the new requirements of the Regulation1. 

For high-risk devices, the transition period to the new rules will be shorter (extended to December 31, 2027), whereas the medium and lower risk devices will have a longer transition period (extended to December 31, 2028). The proposal also introduces a transition period for Class III implantable custom-made devices. Manufacturers will have until May 26, 2026 to certify such devices2

A plan to remove the “sell-off” date has been proposed by the Commission. In the current MDR, it establishes that the “sell-off” date is the end date where devices that are already in the market, should be disposed or withdrawn. Deletion of the “sell-off’ date will prevent the removal of some safe medical devices that are essential to the market as well as alleviating the risk of product shortages. 

Next steps, the proposal will need to be considered and adopted by the European Parliament and the Council through an accelerated co-decision procedure. 

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Ali Al-Dieri

Ali Al-Dieri

Ali is a Regulatory Scientist at EMMA International. He has experience in sterile injectable drug products and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing. Additionally, Ali has experience in quality assurance, regulatory compliance, process validation, and academic experience in molecular biology and immunology. Ali attended the University of Toledo where here received a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Sciences in Pharmacology &Toxicology, a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Pharmacology & Toxicology, and a Ph.D in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry.

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