Medical Face Masks and ASTM F2100

by | Jun 19, 2023 | ASTM, Compliance, FDA, Medical Devices, Safety

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an organization that publishes production and testing standards for a variety of differing industries. Many of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for bringing a medical device to market rely on these standards for testing and evaluation, referred to as recognized consensus standards. ASTM F2100, which was most recently revised in 2023, contains performance standards for the materials used in medical face masks [1]. These types of standards documents contain information for a variety of styles/types of face masks and the testing requirements to meet higher classification standards (Level 1 barrier, Level 2 barrier, or Level 3 barrier).

The standard testing methods of ASTM F2100 include bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), breathing resistance / differential pressure, sub-micron particulate filtration, resistance to penetration by synthetic blood, and flammability [1]. Specifically, capture of sub-micron particles and resistance to penetration by synthetic blood are tested at three varying velocities (minimum, middle velocity, maximum velocity) for the classification of the level of barrier the mask falls under (Level 1 barrier, Level 2 barrier, or Level 3 barrier). However, these two test procedures are defined in ASTM F3502 [2] and ASTM F1862 [3], respectively. Each of these methods are independently defined by other ASTM/ISO/CFR requirements and testing procedures. Proper application of this standard is crucial for FDA compliance and being able to properly market your medical face mask.

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Chris Powell

Chris Powell

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