Protecting Public Health During COVID-19

Protecting Public Health from fake COVID vaccines

Protecting Public Health During COVID-19

As we face the most challenging public health crises of our lifetimes, celebrating and thanking all those who serve public health each day is more important than ever. The American Public Health Association celebrates the week of April 5th– April 11th as National Public Health Week.1 The American Public Health Association celebrates this week to bring communities together and recognize the contributions of frontline workers to improving the nation’s public health.2

One such agency that contributes to the protection of public health is the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA through many of its initiatives and regulations ensures public health is protected at all times. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the FDA and other federal agencies have been putting great efforts towards identifying and thwarting scams for products that claim they provide relief from COVID-19.

FDA’s dedicated COVID-19 Fraudulent Products Task Force has identified nearly 1300 fraudulent products, has issued more than 160 warning letters, more than 270 abuse complaints to domain registrars, and has sent more than 290 requests to remove listings of fraudulent products on various web-based marketplaces.3

FDA has established various communications channels for consumers to protect themselves and seek FDA’s help to take appropriate action against such companies. Consumers can easily submit reports of fraudulent, unauthorized, or unapproved products on the market to the FDA via its website and this, in turn, helps FDA to protect public health.

EMMA International recognizes the importance of the FDA and the role it plays in protecting public health. If you are a manufacturer and want to ensure your product meets the FDA’s requirements of safety and efficacy we are here to help!

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