Staff Augmentation

Projects and staffing needs can change quickly. The market for high quality talent has never been more competitive. Staff augmentation is an easy and resourceful way to maintain your timelines and stay on budget. By relying on augmentation support, you can easily outsource workers for staffing needs, timeline, outcomes, and objectives. Outsourcing to EMMA easily lets you scale up or down depending on your needs, eliminating the HR struggles of lay-offs, terminations, legal hassles, and documentation of full-time employment.


Staff augmentation can help you:


Support your in-house staff.


Scale up needed resources quickly!


Hit those deadlines!


Supplement acute skill needs.


Fill in for skill gaps in current staffing.

When does outsourcing make sense?

In today’s market, finding and sustaining talent has never been more challenging. Employee turnover is expensive, costing companies thousands of dollars annually. Turnover cost is associated with hiring cost, onboarding cost, training cost and cost of vacancy.

Outsourcing to EMMA International ensures that you will eliminate the cost that comes with employee turnover. For example, outsourcing project-specific work or job functions will save you thousands of dollars in turnover costs to your organization.

When contracting specific projects and services to EMMA International you are only paying for the services you need. Outsourcing offers cost-effective and strategic options by streamlining and simplifying your operation. 

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Staff Augmentation Resources

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