Hackers are targeting valuable information more and more each day. Drug formulas, clinical data, lab data, and trade secrets are wanted by nefarious actors. To combat this, medical device cybersecurity regulations and legislation have been created to help with privacy compliance and security readiness. But are you properly prepared?

Let EMMA International perform an assessment of your firm’s current IT environment and security program, reviewing each component and reporting the overall risk environment as it relates to your business and the gaps it may have based on specific compliance needs. The assessment will also include recommendations and direction on how to improve your privacy, compliance, and cybersecurity program.

EMMA International will gather details on your current IT environment and learn more about the organization’s business and its inherent risks, and the specific privacy, compliance and security requirements that exist. EMMA International will:
•    Perform a gap analysis based on industry standards and compliance requirements
•    Evaluate information technology architecture and security controls based on industry-standard security baselines and compliance standards
•    Identify gaps in IT security and architecture
•    Provide recommendations for resolving the discovered gaps and provide ‘next steps’ recommendations

EMMA International will provide recommendations for remediation and improvement of the overall security posture of the environment. A thorough analysis allows EMMA International to work with you to evaluate the systems and procedures currently in place. EMMA International will work with your staff to review industry and compliance standards, evaluating the architectural design and controls that encompass the overall security posture.

Cybersecurity Analysis Areas

•    Security Policies and Procedures
•    Security Event Logging
•    Authentication & Access Control
•    Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems
•    Firewall Configuration and Policies
•    Operating System Configuration
•    Log Management and Analysis Procedures
•    Secure Coding Standards

Additional Services

•    Penetration Testing
•    Vulnerability Assessments
•    Security Training
•    Incident Response
•    Vendor Management
•    Policy Development

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