Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been prevalent in the United States for over 2 years, on July 6th, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) modified the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for Paxlovid for COVID-19 treatment. Paxlovid is a co-packaged, nirmatrelvir tablet and ritonavir tablet for oral use to assist with the treatment of COVID-19 in adult and pediatric patients with positive SARS-CoV-2 testing1. The nirmatrelvir inhibits the SARS-Cov-2 protein to stop the virus whereas the ritonavir slows down the breakdown of nirmatrelvir to help it remain in the body for a longer period.

Paxlovid is now authorized for a state-licensed pharmacist to prescribe to eligible patients however there are certain limitations to ensuring appropriate treatment2. Pharmacists have played a large role in combating the COVID-19 pandemic from testing to prescribing. Paxlovid should be taken five days after a patient develops symptoms. The modifications of the EUA for Paxlovid allow pharmacists to prescribe treatment promptly for some patients who are eligible at their time of COVID-19 testing.

It is best to look for a test-to-treat testing site or seek care from a healthcare provider for COVID-19 with Paxlovid, so results are immediate versus waiting for other test methods to come back. To determine the eligibility for Paxlovid, patients must provide a list of all medications they are taking including over the counter and their recent health records2. This allows the pharmacist or physician to take the best path for COVID-19 treatment based on drug interaction and health history.

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1FDA (December 2021) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Authorizes First Oral Antiviral for Treatment of COVID-19, retrieved on July 11, 2022, from

Sarah Koehler

Sarah Koehler

Sarah is a Quality Engineer at EMMA International. She has experience in quality assurance, change management, laboratory controls, and process/equipment validation within the pharmaceutical and medical device industry. Sarah has earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Western Michigan University.

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