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The FDA’s Accelerating Rare Disease Cures Program

The FDA’s Accelerating Rare Disease Cures Program

In May of 2022, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) at the Food and Drug administration (FDA) launched the Accelerating Rare Disease Cures (ARC) program. This program sought to bridge the complexities of rare disease drug development with the pressing needs of patients. With this program’s initiation, the Rare Diseases Team was formed within CDER to work and maintain collaborative relationships between internal and external rare disease stakeholders and scientific experts.
FDA Trends in Pharmaceutical Quality

FDA Trends in Pharmaceutical Quality

Every year the FDA compiles its Fiscal Year Report on the State of Pharmaceutical Quality. This report takes a look back at the previous fiscal year and identifies trends throughout CDER and the Office of Pharmaceutical Quality (OPQ) various surveillance activities to assess the state of pharmaceutical quality. Fiscal year 2022’s report card was published last month and provides a great insight into how pharmaceutical manufacturers are navigating a new post-COVID regulatory landscape.
How Does the QFD Help Us Sort Out Customer Requirements?

How Does the QFD Help Us Sort Out Customer Requirements?

Quality function deployment looks past the usual customer response and attempts to define the requirements in a set of basic needs, which are compared to all competitive information. All competitors are evaluated equally from customer and technical perspectives. This information can then be prioritized using a Pareto diagram. Management can then place resources where they will be the most beneficial in improving quality. Also, QFD takes the experience and information that are available within an organization and puts them together as a structured format that is easy to assimilate. This is important when an organization employee leaves a particular project, and a new employee is hired.
Proposed EtO Rules for Sterilization and the Regulatory Impact

Proposed EtO Rules for Sterilization and the Regulatory Impact

In April of this year, the FDA published two proposed regulations that, if finalized, would put limits on how much EtO can be used to sterilize products among other workplace/occupational hazard requirements. EtO, or ethylene oxide, is commonly used in the medical device industry to sterilize finished devices. Some examples of devices that are sterilized with EtO include gowns/drapes, heart valves, pacemakers, surgical drills, and catheters among many others.

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