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EMMA International can be there every step of the way for your product! From product development to helping with QMS upkeep and post-market monitoring, EMMA is here to bring your product full-circle. The expertise of the EMMA team can help you get through the biggest quality and regulatory hurdles in the life science industry with ease.

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The Art of Addressing Non-Conformances in Operations

The Art of Addressing Non-Conformances in Operations

At one point or another, you likely took care of a non-conformance within your operations. Non-conformances in quality management are deviations from a specification, standard, or expectation. For example, a primary packaging label with illegible print or an out of specification quality control measurement.
The Quality Management System Speedway

The Quality Management System Speedway

Following are some popular views about the cars mentioned related to quality management systems, above. Substitute the descriptions of the cars for descriptions of a company’s QMS and you’ll realize what the CEO is actually asking for in the conversation.
Time for What Matters: Quality 4.0 and Beyond

Time for What Matters: Quality 4.0 and Beyond

No matter what our perspectives may be or how they may differ, time is the one thing money cannot buy. It matters how we spend it. Quality 5.0 is coming2 and, although formative, it speaks of massive integration between humans and machines, digital neural interfaces, levelling of the economic playing field, increased longevity, global quality of life, ecological healing, and prolonged existence of humankind off-planet. I want to be ready for that!
Regulating Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

Regulating Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

Studies are indicating the increasing use of electronic nicotine delivery systems (‘ENDS’) products, particularly amongst current smokers,[i] warranting an evaluation over the need for these products and if they have the potential to do less harm, if not no harm. Some in the public health community have advocated for the harm reduction approach emphasizing on the use of ENDS as an alternative combustible to tobacco products that may contain more harmful or potentially harmful constituents.[ii] Regulating and controlling tobacco use in the era of e-cigarettes has therefore not been an easy task.

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