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Medical Device Reporting

Medical Device Reporting

Medical device reporting (MDR) is one of the post market surveillance tools used by the FDA to monitor medical devices’ performance post release (21 CFR part 803)
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Drug Development

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Drug Development

With the growth of computational capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have become a beacon of interest from both the product development side and the regulatory side. Implementation of AI and ML methodologies into the day-to-day life of our society is a real and ever-growing adaptive process. The FDA has just released a document that facilitates discussion and brings about important ideas for its place in society and how it will be regulated [1]. In 2021, over one hundred submissions to the FDA included some usage of AI/ML [2].
The History of The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The History of The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

In 1906 the Pure Food and Drug Act (Dr. Wiley’s Law) was passed by the Congress and signed by President Theodore Roosevelt, bringing the governing body of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into existence. The first commissioner of the FDA was Dr. Harvey Washington Wiley, who previously was the chief chemist of the USDA Bureau of Chemistry [1]. Previously to the FDA, the Bureau of Chemistry regulated food safety. The implementation of the FDA was the first comprehensive consumer protection agency in the federal government [1]. The first glimpse into what would eventually become the FDA, was the U.S Pharmacopeia which was started back in 1820 and sought to standardize drugs [2].
The Use of AI to Avoid Misdiagnosis

The Use of AI to Avoid Misdiagnosis

The international Banff classification is commonly used by physicians to analyze biopsies of the transplanted kidneys. This is used to diagnose the rejection of kidney transplants; however, this classification has become more complex which leads to variability in its application and misclassification. These misclassifications can lead to physicians failing to modify or incorrectly modify the treatment regimen to protect the patient.

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