Project Management

EMMA International’s approach to project management is based on a scientific methodical approach, which includes prioritizing compliance, efficiency, and scalability. The said approach is rooted in EMMA International’s expertise in leveraging management science, engineering principles and organizational cultures to address complex projects of all sizes.


Flexible PMTM

Our Project Managers integrate with your internal team and processes to provide specialized expertise and facilitate driving projects to completion while saving you time and money.


Outsourced PMTM

EMMA International’s Outsourced PMTM service can provide your organization with the right experience at the right time. Whether you are in need of Project Management Leads, Project Analysts, Change Managers, or a completely outfitted PMO – our experts are ready! Let us reduce the burden on your internal team by managing the entire lifecycle of your projects from planning to delivery and completion.

You can expect best-in-class project management principles and tools from the team at EMMA International. Our approach is to fully integrate with your existing systems and processes. Ready to learn more? Contact us today to get started.

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Project Management Resources

Process Validation

Process Validation

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